Serving Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, and Vancouver.

All the meats used to make our raw dog food are non-medicated which means they are free of antibiotics, steroids, and growth hormones. Both cattle and poultry are free range. The cattle is grass fed. Pick up 10 orders ($5 minimum per order) at Lougheed Skytrain Station and get 1 FREE chew (Choices Apply) on your 10th order!!

About Us

On June 2015, I started Dobieman Raw Food Delivery with my two precious Doberman girls, Justine (red dobe) and Shannon (black dobe). Justine and Shannon are not only the core of this business but also the inspiration to the start of the business. As a mom to 92 lbs Justine and 81 lbs Shannon, I struggled to find good quality meats at an affordable price. Justine and Shannon tried several different brands of commercially-prepared raw dog food. Although most of these brands were good quality, the prices didn’t agree with my budget. I was reluctant to resort to lower grade meat options. We believe that no parent should be forced to compromise the health of their furry kid because of budget. And this was the main reason why we started Dobieman Raw Food Delivery – we wanted to provide affordable raw dog food that does not compromise on quality.

To make this possible, we first started connecting with a local butcher. He is supplying us with raw dog food while we work with customers to meet their needs. Now, we’ve partnered with two local butchers who proudly provide raw dog food for Dobieman Raw Food Delivery. In addition to our two local butchers, we have also partnered with Hills Foods who supply us with game meats, Certified Organic meats, whole birds, organ meats, tripe, and different types of raw bones.

We have also included an array of bully sticks and dog chews. Like our raw dog food, our bully sticks and dog chews are priced economically so your furry kid can enjoy one every now and then!

Animal welfare is very important to us. All of our raw dog food and dog chews are made with free range and non-medicated animals that are responsibly raised and sourced.

In September 2015, we realized how important a good raw diet is when Justine had a benign tumor removed from her back leg. Thank you to Justine’s vet and a good raw diet, Justine had a speedy recovery where she can now enjoy swimming, massage, bully sticks and play time with Shannon! Although Justine’s tumor was not life-threatening, it was a wake up call for me to never take good health for granted and to cherish every moment with Justine and Shannon!

Thank you,

Yolande, Justine, and Shannon